SooperparK is the world’s first GPS based Augmented Reality park by AR World, virtually spread 100 acres of Sayajibaug in Vadodara. The team has designed and placed 20 AR simspots across the 100 acres of the entire public garden that gets millions of visitors every year.


SooperparK is an Augmented Reality Park where visitors can see and experience entertaining as well as educational 3D animated scenes in AR with their own Smartphones. Each 3D animated scene spot is called a ‘Simspot’ and the 3D media content is called a vue. The vues are uploaded at Real World Geo locations on ‘VueXR’. Each geolocation or open public access place will have one Simspot. Tourists and visitors will be able to see these Simspots from their Smartphones via the AR & VR media sharing platform called VueXR. Starting with our very own smart city Vadodara, SooperparK is launched with 20 vues @ Sayajibaug.


SooperparK is going to be the first of its kind Augmented Reality park where 3 Dimensional animated scenes are going to be played at physical locations using GPS and is going to be free for the visitors to experience and get entertained without causing any harm to the environment and the city’s ecosystem. Visitors will be able to play and walk around the 3D animated content with their smartphones in their hands on open public access areas.

Bringing Augmented Reality based media right to our mobile phones, VueXR gives us the power to design and pin vues on geolocation. AR World brings to the citizens of Vadodara the first-ever AR park in the history of parks at Sayajibaug.


Take out your smartphones and walk inside an Augmented World, pause the vue and feel like you are at the speed of light and time has frozen for you, learn about various facts of solar system by visually seeing it in front of your eyes, witness how the dinosaurs went extinct, stand in middle of world war II, play with giant turtles, sharks, whales, and octopuses right around you. Don’t forget to experience it on your next visit to Sayajibaug, Vadodara